Automatic Take Up Module


The automatic take up module is a stand alone unit that can be used as part of a complete winding solution from Supertek or be integrated into an existing system. Just as the payoff module can handle extremely fine and delicate material the take up module is no exception.


  • Accommodates different types of spools, e.g. straight flange spools, conical spools, air spools, customer-specific spools.
  • Highly accurate laying, clean winding, flange detection, scanning the edge of the spool, level winding
  • Positioning the wound material, precise determination of length or weight. Speed control (master) or tensile force control (slave)
  • Can be arranged in a compact multi-unit setup in a basic frame
  • Special component solutions and designs available
  • Can be operated using Supertek’s own SUMMI or another manufacturer’s control software

MW class take-up/ multiwinder
  • Accurate traversing fully electronic laying machine/ spool
  • Precision drive for dynamic speeds
  • Static shaft with rotating flange or rotating shaft
  • High working loads, professional spool support
  • Easy to operate, fully electronic/ mains power
  • Speed or tensile force controlled
  • Optional electromagnetic dancer with high resolution tensile force adjustment range
  • Resolution from +/- 1mN
  • Constant tensile force even in the event of disturbing influences
  • Delicate and accurate
  • As an option can be used as a master or a slave or even as an unwinder
  • With external synchronisation or position control as an option
  • Special designs or component solutions available





PTU class take-ups
  • Compact, modular take-up
  • Precise, fully electronic laying
  • High resolution direct drive for the shortest reaction times
  • Precise length measurement
  • Easy to operate
  • Professional spool support
  • Quick locking mechanism
  • Fully electronic
  • Speed or tensile force controlled
  • Special designs or component solutions available


 Take-up winder for filament
  • compact mobile rewinder with aluminum profile frame
  • exact fully electronic laying with traversing of the coil 
  • high-resolution direct drive for shortest reaction times
  • precise length measurement
  • easy operation via touch panel
  • professional coil pickup
  • quick release
  • fully electronic
  • speed or tension controlled (e.g., with electronic tension control)
  • special versions or as component solution available
  • application e.g. for filament and 3D printing material


Advantages of Supertek winders compared with traditional systems:

  • Intelligent, modular units
  • Digital specification of parameters, e.g. laying machine gradient, line speed, product length
  • System can be networked, digital communication
  • RPM, speed, position, length and, as an option, tensile force control can be selected.
  • Highly accurate laying
  • Digitally adjustable, high resolution laying parameters
  • Increased quality, gentle, stress-free processing
  • Ideally suited to the most delicate wires, fibres, glass fibre and other delicate wound materials
  • Reproducible, digitally documentable laying control (track and traceability for consistent traceability of the line speed or laying parameters)
  • Fully electronic system (no pneumatics or compressed air)
  • Process-dependent adjustment of the laying possible at any time
  • Suitable for dynamic processes
  • Easy to integrate into existing and new machines
  • Speed measurement
  • Crack detection
  • Short payback period
  • Increased quality