Electromagnetic Dancers

Precision Tension Control for Even the Finest Material

cemanco supertek winding winder spooling respooling re-spooling rewinding re-winding tension control electromagnetic dancerGermany’s Supertek WLT, represented in Canada, North and South America by Cemanco LC, has introduced two new electromagnetic dancers EDR-10 and EDL-60 that excel at providing the precise tension control that is needed to allow maximum winding speeds for fine and extremely fine materials.


fine wire drawing cemanco supertek auto winder spooling takeup payoff electromagnetic dancerThe EDR-10 model offers a fine tension control range from 2 mN (0.2 grams) to 1000 mN (100 grams).The EDL-60 covers a tension control range from 10 cN (10 grams) to 600 cN (600 grams).

fine wire drawing cemanco supertek auto winder spooling takeup payoffIntegrated preprogramed control modules are available, as well as the SUMMI control software, which can be added to any tablet or computer for free.

Bothdancers are adjustable in 1 mN (0.1 gram) increments. All necessary functions such as tension force control, dancer control, and RPM reculation for the drive motor are fully automatic and do not require programming.


Supertek’s precise tension and speed control delivered with the lowest possible force makes spooling materials as delicate as spider silk and pure copper as small as eight microns, as well as flat materials possible. Add the ease of integration into existing operations, or Supertek’s line of complete machines to achieve perfect layer-to-layer winds on any type of spool and you have a solution to all of your fine material spooling needs.


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