Slide SPOOLING SOLUTIONS Complete Spooling, Re-spooling, Linear Traverse Assemblies, and Modules See Our Products cemanco kmk linear bi-directional gear box traverse spooler spooling reversing Ceramics a la Carte See Products Slide WIRE GUIDES Customer satisfaction is adjustable four 4 roller wire guide cemanco six roller wire check station guide checker quality adjustable laser etching beta lasermike See Our Products our top priority iris wire guide adjustable self centering cemanco Slide wire straightener 5 five roller 7 seven 20 twenty milimeter 80 eighty cemanco adjustable quick release rod breakdown quick release wire straightener 3mm 5mm cemanco See Our Products Different styles are available to fit a variety of applications Rod and Wire Straighteners Cembre and ARM Tools See Our Products Manual and
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Ceramic Machine Parts

Quality and flexibility that won’t hurt the budget. We make a variety of ceramic machine parts for the wire, cable and textile industry. Everything from small, large, standard and custom parts are available. We give the utmost...


 We carry a wide variety of wire guides, straighteners, and pulleys, as well as ceramic and tungsten carbide parts in stock. Orders often ship the same day.


Need a custom made part? Send us the dimensions, a drawing, or a sample and we can make it for you. All technical drawings are included with your order.


For 25 years Cemanco has been supplying textile and wire production wear parts and accessories at prices that won’t hurt your bottom line.