The KMK Mechanical Flange Sensor simplifies the setup of straight flange spools with a simple mechanism to determine the reversal points for the traverse.

Flange Detecting System with Mechanical Sensor

KMK flange sensor spool detector

Even when winding similar spool types, manufactured to similar tolerances, it is still necessary to continually adjust the traverse reversal points after repeated spool changes, to maintain the accuracy of the wind. For our Linear Bi-directional gearbox we have now developed a robust and cost effective mechanical flange detection unit for straight flanged spools. This unit allows for quick changes in spool size while still giving accurate  reversal points. Two detecting arms swivel upward then move outward to the flanges of the spool which simultaneously sets the reversal points for the traverse unit. There are no electronics or other complicated components that require operator training.


Flange Sensor is available for all three KMK model sizes.