Spooling Traverse LW15, LW20, LW30

cemanco kmk linear reversing mechanical gear box drive traverse 15 millimeter mm spooling spooler textile

This line of spooling traverse boxes and assemblies has since been further developed from other existing designs resulting in the issuance of a patent documenting improvements.

Rolling ring drives are available in three different shaft sizes for 15 mm, 20 mm and 30 mm diameters. As an option the side thrust can be increased by 40%. All models are available with optional load carriers, remote reversal point adjustment and shaft oilers.

All units come with a standard Free Movement Lever

KMK spooling linear traverse wire cable textile thread

Type LW151 LW15 LW201 LW20 LW30
max. side thrust 30 N 110 N 70 N 160 N 260 N
max. pitch 6 mm 11 mm 8 mm 15 mm 25 mm
weight of gear 0.3 kg 0.8 kg 0.8 kg 1.4 kg 2.5 kg
max. working width(L=drive length see LW…) L -95 mm L -150 mm L -125 mm L -180 mm L -230 mm


Example for traversing width/max. spool width: LW 15F > L – 150 mm (6”) > if L= 450 mm (17.7”), the maximum spool width can be L= 450 mm – 150 mm = 300 mm ( 11.8”)

cemanco kmk mechanical linear traverse

Reciprocating linear motion is created by frictional connection between a shaft and crowned ball bearings as running rings. Traversing speed or pitch is determined by the angle between rolling rings and shaft and can be adjusted with the knob in front of the unit.

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Box LW15   KMK New Parts PDF

Edge Sensor

Flange Detecting with mechanical sensor

The KKM spooling traverse Mechanical Flange Sensor simplifies and shortens setup and spool change times for straight flange spools through simple, rapid and reliable determination of the reversal points of spools with different dimensions.

Drive Shaft Lubrication with Roller Guide

Continuous lubrication of the shaft is ensured by a respective reservoir on each gearbox.

Load Carrier

  • For load-bearing applications
  • For stroke lengths
  • Modular system designed for KMK linear reversing gear

Download Load carrier PDF