solid ceramic roller aluminum oxide wire cable textiles thread bobbin pulleySolid ceramic pulleys in 99% and 96% aluminum oxide ceramic, ideal for extruded wire, tubing, and textiles, designed with bearings, or to be mounted on a shaft. Polished contact surfaces, and high quality bearings to keep product from being damaged, ensure smooth operation, and extend pulley wear life. Multiple sizes in stock, custom designs available, and technical drawings available upon request with purchase of custom designs.


Aluminum pulleys with polished chromium oxide, and aluminum oxide ceramic coating ideal for non-ferrous metals, copper, aluminum, tin, nickel, and alloys. Tungsten carbide coatings available for steel and stainless steel applications. Designed for bearings or on shaft installation, many sizes in stock, custom designs available, balancing for high speed operations available for custom designs.


ceramic insert pulleys aluminum oxide plastic flange cemancoNylon flanges with 99% and 96% aluminum oxide ceramic inserts, suitable for tubing, extruded material, textiles and non-ferrous metals. Inserts are polished to extend wear life and protect product quality, and high quality bearings provide long operational life.

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Aluminum flanges with 96% polished aluminum oxide ceramic inserts, balanced to 2500 rpm. Suitable for tubing, extruded materials, textiles, and non-ferrous metals.

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